No Credit Check Investor Funding

Get Prequalified Now – No Credit Report Pull Required

$50,000.00 - $1,000,000.00

Up to 60% LTV Refinance & Purchase

 “Available In Florida & Georgia Only”




60 Month Bridge Refinance Or Purchase


A true “No Doc” 60 month bridge loan for residential and commercial investment properties, with a competitive LTV that provides real estate investors maximum purchase and “cash out” flexibility with monthly interest only payments!

Available In Florida & Georgia Only!


No Credit Check – No Doc Funding General Guidelines


Approval Based On Underwriting The Property – Not The Borrower

– The overall property curb appeal, immediate market area and appraised value of the property is the basis for underwriting approval.

– Property location is major driving factor.  Properties located in areas that are less than average appeal will not meet underwriting approval.

– Properties that are considered in “less than average condition” will not meet underwriting approval.

No Credit Check – No Doc Funding Program Highlights

  • No Credit Check – No Credit Score!
  • No Bank Statements!
  • No Assets Verified!
  • No Income Verification!
  • No Employment Verification!
  • No Tax Returns Or Profit & Loss Statement!
  • Foreign Nationals OK!
  • No Income Docs Required!
  • Properties Listed For Sale OK!
  • Completed Renovations OK!
  • No Rental Income Required!
  • Only 1 Year Prepayment Penalty!
  • Must Close In Name Of Business Entity!
  • No Seasoning On Title For Completed Renovation Projects!

Available In Florida & Georgia Only!

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Loan Amounts:

Loan amounts are from $50,000.00 – $1,000,000.00.


Maximum Loan To Value (LTV):

Maximum 60% LTV.

Interest Rate Range:

Residential interest rate:  9.0% (interest only)

Commercial interest rate:  9.5% (interest only)

Property Types

Residential includes:  single family and 2-4 units, including condo’s and vacation rentals.

Commercial includes:  offices, retails, multi-family, office/warehouse, mixed use.



Days To Close

For residential transactions, plan on 21 days from receipt of all required documents to close.

For commercial transactions, plan on 28 days from receipt of all required documents to close.

Seasoning On Title Requirement

For Recently Completed Renovations:  No seasoning on title requirement for properties that have been completely renovated.  Value will be equal to original purchase price plus documented cost of renovations.

12 Month Seasoning On Title for properties that have not been renovated.

Title Vesting

Closing must be executed in name of business entity (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp).  A new business entity can be created if needed to execute closing.

Property Appraisal

A full property appraisal is required for all transactions (residential and commercial).  Appraisal will be ordered through lenders designated appraisal company with no exceptions.


Property Survey Is Required

All new purchase transactions require a new completed survey.  We can use an existing survey for refinance transactions.


Secondary Financing

Secondary financing and/or 2nd mortgages are not allowed.

Loan Fees:

– Loan origination fee: 3.99% of total loan amount or $3,995.00 (whichever is greater)

– Processing fee: $795.00

– Due diligence fee of $595.00 for residential and $795.00 for commercial is required to be paid “after” issuance of commitment letter if borrower wishes to proceed with underwriting approval.


Prepayment Penalty

Prepayment penalty is for a period of one (1) year and is equal to 3% of the original loan amount.

Required Documents For Underwriting Approval

– Clear and legible copy of government issued ID (all members of business entity)

– Copy of HUD Settlement Statement from acquisition of property

– Copy Of IRS EIN Letter for business entity (if applicable)

– Copy of Articles of Organization for LLC or Incorporation for a Corporation (if applicable)

– Copy of Operating Agreement for LLC or Corporate Charter/Bylaws for Corporation

– Complete Interior & Exterior Photos:  Underwriting approval is based on condition and appeal of property.  Complete photos are required to issue commitment letter for refinance.

– For Purchase Transactions:  Complete photos and fully executed purchase contract are required to issue commitment letter for purchase transactions.

Available In Florida & Georgia Only!