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24 - 36 Month Investor Bridge Loan
Cash Out Refinance - No Seasoning On Title!
$60,000.00 - $2,000,000.00!

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24 – 36 Month Investor Bridge Loan

Refi Cash Out  –  No Seasoning On Title! 

$60,000.00   –   $2,000,000.00+ Loan Amounts!

600+ Minimum Credit Score!  


24 – 36  Month Investor Bridge Loan Highlights

– 600+ Minimum Credit Score Required! 

– Less than 600 Credit Score is by exception at a reduced LTV! 

– No Seasoning On Title.  All work must be completed!

– Up to 65% LTV Refinance Cash Out!

– Up to 75% Rate/Term Refinance!

– 90% LTV On Purchases.  No to exceed 75% of current As-Is Value!

– Loan Amounts From $60,000.00  –  $2,000,000.00+!

– No Employment Verification Required!

– No Income Verification and No Income Documentation Required!

– Properties Listed For Sale OK!

– Single family, 2-4 units, condo’s and town-homes OK!

– No Obligation 24-48 Hour Pre-qualification!



 1.  Nationwide Funding, except:

Arizona, California, Neveda, Oregon, North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Utah and Vermont

All transactions must close in the name of a business entity.


2.  Qualifying Criteria

– No mortgage lates in last 12 months.

– Prior bankruptcy must be discharged minimum of 12 months.

– Credit scores less than 600 can qualify by exception with reduced LTV.

– Property location must be in area with 50,000+ population or within 30 miles of major metropolitan area.

– Must close in name of business entity

– Investors with minimum prior or no experience will have reduced LTV.

– All rehab/remodel work must be completed on property.


3.  Days To Close

We can normally close in about 12-15 business days after receipt of all required documents.


4.  Loan Origination Fees

5% of total loan amount OR $3,000.00 + 2% of total loan amount (whichever is greater)


5.  Closing Fees

$35 credit report and background check, $55 admin set-up fee,  $400 processing fee, $600 underwriting fee, $1,500 legal fee for loan closing documents


6.  Prepayment Penalty

6 months of interest payments.  After 1st 6 consecutive monthly payments the prepay penalty goes away.


7.  Full Property Appraisal Required

All transactions will require a full traditional property appraisal.  Cost for expedited appraisal is $700.00.


8.  No Verification Of Income Required

No verification or documentation of personal or business income is required,


9.  No Verification Of Employment Required

No verification or documentation of your current or past employment status is required.


10.  Property Type

Single family and 2-4 residential units


11.  Transaction Type

Refinance cash out, purchase, and rate/term refinance.


12.  Interest Rates

Interest rates range on average from 10.5%  – 12% depending on credit, investment experience and LTV.


13.  Loan Term

24 months OR 36 months with 1% increase in interest rate.


14.  Rate Type

Fixed monthly payment, interest only.


15.  Required Documentation

__ Last 3 month’s asset statements (must include all pages)

__ Copy of last 2 years tax returns (NOT verification of income.  Validate tax returns filed.

__ Personal Financial Statement (form provided)

__ Copy of void check associated with bank statements provided

__ Articles Of Organization for LLC Or Articles Of Incorporation for a Corporation

__ Operating Agreement or Corporate Charter/Bylaws

__ Clear and legible copy of Guarantors Drivers License

__ Clear and legible copy of Guarantors SSN Card

__ List of real estate owned and/or completed flips (if applicable)

__ Copy of existing lease agreement(s)

__ Copy of current home owners insurance declarations page

For Purchase Transactions

__ Copy of fully executed purchase contract


Note:   Terms are subject to change without prior written notice.

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