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Commercial Funding Solutions
$250,000.00 To $25 Million


MultiFamily 5+ Units - Mixed Use - Office - Retail
Warehouse - Hospitality – Self Storage – Special Purpose

Renovation Funding Available!


Apartment Financing & Multi-family 5+ Units Funding Highlights 

– 650+ Credit Score Qualifies For Up To 75% LTV for Purchase Or Refinance!

– Refinance Cash Out Up To 75% LTV

– Loan Amounts From $100,000.00  –  $5,000,000.00!

– No Employment Verification Required!

– No Income Verification Required!

– No 4506T IRS Forms!

– No Tax Returns Required!

– No Pay Stubs Required!


NATIONWIDE Funding – Except Following States

Except:  AK, IL, MI, MN, ND, NH, SD, TN, VT

You must close in the name of  a business entity.  



General Qualification Criteria

– Minimum credit score of 650 required for funding approval.

– Maximum LTV is 75%.

– Minimum occupancy rate is 80% to qualify for funding approval.

– Minimum loan amount is $100,000.00.

– Maximum loan amount is $5,000,000.00.

– 1st time investor OK.

– Escrow of taxes and insurance is required.

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Purchase Price Funding Guidelines

We fund up to 75% of the purchase price OR appraised value, whichever is less of your multi-family 5+ unit investment property.

An additional 5% seller held 2nd mortgage is allowed with the purchase of the property.  As such the maximum CLTV (combined loan to value) is 80%.

Refinance Funding Guidelines

We fund up to 75% LTV on the refinance of a qualifying multi-family 5+ unit investment property (including cash out refinance).


Credit Score Requirement

650+ Minimum Credit is required to qualify for funding approval.  

Loan approval requires a middle credit score of 650+.  Meaning, of your three (3) credit bureau scores, the middle score has to be at least a 650 (regardless which credit bureau the score is generated from). 

Example, if your three credit scores are 710, 610, and 656, your middle score would be 656.  This is not the average of all three scores but the middle numerical score.


Minimum Occupancy Rate 

Property must be at a minimum occupancy rate of 80% to qualify for funding consideration.


Geographical Acceptable Location 

The subject property must be located in or around major metropolitan area with a minimum of 100,000 residents OR within a 25 mile radius.


Condition Of Property

Property must be 100% turnkey ready, habitable with no more than very minor cosmetic repairs needed (if any).  NO TYPE OF REHAB CAN BE NEEDED.



Loan term is 30 year fully amortized.  Loans are fixed for first 3 years OR 8 years.


Interest Rates

Interest rates range from 6.75% – 9.25% depending on credit score and final LTV.


Escrow Of Taxes and Insurance

Escrow of taxes and insurance is required for all multi-family 5+ unit loan transactions.


Verification Of Assets

Three (3) months source and seasoning of all funds to close is required.  OPTIONAL no seasoning of funds to close allowed with reduction in LTV by 5%.


Must Currently Own Primary Residence

Borrower must currently own primary residence.


Seller Allowed Contributions To Buyers Closing Cost

Seller can contribute up to 3% of the purchase price towards buyers closing cost.  The concession can be used only toward non-recurring closing costs.  These are things like title, escrow, loan origination/lender fees.  Impounds for taxes and insurance are not eligible.

Loan Origination Fees

Loan amounts of $    100,000.00  –  $1,000,000.00:          3.50% of total loan amount

Loan amounts of $1,000,001.00   –  $2,000,000.00:          3.25% of total loan amount

Loan amounts of $2,000,000.00+                                        2.99% of total loan amount


Closing Fees

Underwriting Service Fee –  $2,995.00 per 1 business entity

Appraisal Fee – $1,395.00 (due at time of full file submission).  We pay the additional amount of appraisal fee above $1395.00

Processing Fee – $695.00


Letter Of Intent / Conditioned Approval Letter

After completing pre-qualification we can provide you with an official letter of intent or a conditioned loan approval letter to assist you in the acquisition of your prospective investment properties.  To obtain a letter of intent or proof of financing letter you will need to provide copy of credit report and completed 1003 uniform residential loan application and a copy of your most recent bank statement reflecting an ending balance of the minimum required funds to close.


Personal Guarantee Required

We require a personal guarantee from the managing member(s) of the business entity, plus additional members if more are needed to account for at least 51% of the ownership interest in the business entity.


US Citizenship Requirement

All individual borrowers and guarantors must be U.S. citizens or have proof of permanent residency in the U.S. and a valid SSN.


Down-payment Requirement

All purchase transactions require a minimum of 25% down-payment of the final purchase price.   We DO NOT provide 100% purchase financing.


Days To Close

We can normally close on multi-family 5+ units funding transactions in about 30-45 days from the time of receipt of a full loan package.


Minimum and Maximum Loan Amounts

Minimum loan amount of $100,000.00 up to $5,000,000.00

Property Appraisal

A full property appraisal will be ordered by the underwriter after a full loan package has been received and a preliminary review has been completed. Payment for the property appraisal is required prior to submission of loan file into underwriting. 

No Verification Of Income Required

No verification or documentation of personal or business income is required.


No Verification Of Employment Required

No verification or documentation of your current or past employment status is required.

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