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$250,000.00 - $6,000,000.00


100% Investor Financing


Commercial New Construction Financing!

100%  Financing Of Lot & Construction Cost Combined!

$1,000,000.00 –  $5,000,000.00+ Loan Amounts!



Commercial Property New Construction Financing Program Highlights:


100% Financing Of Lot Acquisition Cost!

100% Financing Of Hard Construction Cost!

– Loan Amounts From $1,000,000.00  –  $5,000,000.00!

60% – 75% Of After Build Value (based on credit & experience)

Minimum 580+ Credit Required To Qualify For Funding! 

– Include Closing Cost & Lender Fees In Loan Amount (not to exceed max allowed loan amount)

– No Personal Income Verification!

– No Prepayment Penalty!

– 24 Month Term!

– Interest Only Payment! 

For Fast Prequalification – No Credit Pull Required For Prequalification – Click Here


Funding Available NATIONWIDE, except:


All investor loan transactions must close in the name of  a business entity!   



1.  Prior Experience Requirement

1st Must Have A Minimum Of One (1) Previously Completed Ground Up New Construction Experience.    

Each construction project reviewed and prequalified on case by case basis.


2.  Credit Score Requirement

Minimum 580+ credit score required for funding approval.


3.  Qualifying Credit Criteria  

No bankruptcies in past three (3) years

No foreclosures, short sales, or deed in lieu in past 3 years

No prior criminal convictions at any time in the past


4.   Construction Budget & Funds Disbursement Policy

–  We do not advance construction loan funds.  Construction funds are disbursed as work is completed on your project

–  Construction Draw Funds are normally disbursed per agreed draw schedule within 2-3 business days after completion of inspection/validation of completed work.


5.  Qualifying Types Of Properties (Approved On Case By Case Basis)

All type commercial properties.

No single family, 2-4 units, condo’s, town-homes.


6.  All Transactions Must Close In A Business Entity Name

Funding can only be approved in a business entity name.  There is no seasoning requirement on the age of the business entity.  Entities include:  LLC, LLP, S-Corp, C-Corp.


7Minimum And Maximum Loan Amounts

Minimum loan amount is $1,000,000.00.

Maximum loan amount is $5,000,000.00.


8.  Lender Related Fees

– Loan origination fee:  4.99% of total loan amount.

– Processing fee:  $895.00

– Underwriting fee:  $995.00

9.  Full Property Appraisal Required

A new traditional full property appraisal is ALWAYS required for new construction projects.

Terms of Loan Funding

10.  Interest Rates & Monthly Interest Payment

– Interest rates range on average from 6% to 9% depending on experience and credit score.

– Monthly interest payment is paid on full loan amount starting from day of closing.


11.  Subordinate Financing

Subordinate financing is NOT allowed, which includes 2nd mortgages and seller held financing.


12.  Required Documents For Funding Approval

Business Entity Borrower Only (Must close in the name of a business entity)

__ Copy of valid government issued ID

__ Last 2 month’s business or personal bank statements (must include all pages)

__ Articles Of Organization for LLC Or Articles Of Incorporation for a Corporation

__ Operating Agreement or Corporate Charter/Bylaws

__ Construction Budget

__ Copy of building plans and specifications

__ Construction Draw Schedule

__ Survey of lot/land

__ Copy Of HUD Settlement Statements from acquisition and sale of completed ground up new construction projects.

Note:   Terms are subject to change. Final terms vary depending on the property and borrowing entity

Get Started Now – Free Pre-qualification – 600+ Credit OK!

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