100% Fix & Flip Financing

"Includes Purchase & Rehab"

FREEDOM PROGRAM - 100% Fix & Flip Financing


60% - 70% Of After Repair Value!

1.  Nationwide Funding Available, except in following states:  AK, AZ, CA, ND, OR, NV, SD, VT and NO RURAL Properties.


2.  Minimum & Maximum Loan Amounts:  $100,000.00 to $750,000.00.     

**Qualifying deals of experience are defined as:  ownership interest in residential investment properties that have been renovated and sold within the last 36 months or converted to long term rental. 

3.  Interest Rate Range:

Interest rates range from 9.99% to 11.99%% based on credit profile and prior completed flip experience.

4.  Closing Cost & Lender Fees:

Closing cost and lender fees cannot be included in the total loan amount. 

5.  Property Types 

  – Residential Properties including:  Single family, 2 units, 3 units and 4 units, town-homes and condo’s. 

  – No rural properties accepted.


6.  Term Of Loan

9 month term.

7.  Days To Close

Approximately 15 business days to close after payment for appraisal.

8.  Property Appraisal & Estimated After Repair Value

  –  Property appraisal is always required.  No As-Is value requirement.  Funding based on After Repair Value only.

  –  Borrower will be required to provide 2-3 specific property addresses of sales comps within reasonable distance of the subject property to support the estimated ARV as part of the prequalification evaluation process.

9.  Loan Origination Fee:

  – Loan origination fee: 3.99% or $4,495.00, whichever is greater  


10. Other Lender Relates Cost:

  – Processing fee: $499.00

  – Underwriting fee: $1,000.00


11. Prepayment Penalty

No prepayment penalty.

12. Required Documents For Underwriting Approval

– Copy of fully executed purchase agreement (if applicable)

– Copy of last 2 months personal or business bank statements

– Copy Of IRS EIN Letter for business entity

– Copy of Articles of Organization for LLC or Incorporation for a Corporation (if applicable)

– Copy of Operating Agreement for LLC or Corporate Charter/Bylaws for Corporation

– Completed loan application (Form Provided)

– Real Estate Owned/Experience Spreadsheet (Template Provided)

– Renovation construction budget spreadsheet (Template Provided)

– Estimation Of After Repair Value Sales Comps (Template Provided)

– Copy of most recent tax return (Not for income verification purposes. Document filing and paying of taxes)

24-48 Hour Pre-qualification With No Credit Pull Required – Click Here