100% Fix & Flip Financing

Get Prequalified Now – No Credit Report Pull Required

"Includes Purchase & Rehab"

100% Fix & Flip Financing!

Up To 70% Of After Repair Value! 

 Single Family & 2-4 Units Residential Properties


– Loan amounts from $100,000.00 – $1,000,000.00!

– Minimum 650+ Qualifying Credit Score!

– Minimum Purchase Price Of $75,000.00 ($100,000.00 in some market areas)!

– Minimum Of 1 Qualifying Deal Of Experience For 100% Financing!

– First Time Investors OK At Reduced LTV! 

– No As-Is Value Determination Requirement!

– 9 Month Term! 

– No Prepayment Penalty!

Nationwide Funding Available, except Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, North Dakota and areas designated as being rural

100% Financing Program Highlights

  • 100% Financing Of Purchase Price!
  • 100% Financing Of Rehab Budget!
  • Rehab Budget CANNOT Exceed Purchase Price!
  • Must provide most recent years tax return!
  • No Personal Income Verification!
  • Minimum 1 Qualifying Deal Of Experience For 100%!
  • Minimum $40,000.00 liquid cash assets required!
  • No Prepayment Penalty!
  • Must Close In Name Of Business Entity!
  • Use ARV Only – No As-Is Value Requirement!
  • No Employment Verification!
  • 1st Time Investors OK At Lower LTV!

Loan amounts are from $100,000.00 – $1,000,000.00.


Maximum Loan To Value (LTV) With 100% Financing:

1-9 Deals Of Experience*:  Up to 65% of After Repair Value (ARV).

10+ Deals Of Experience*:  Up to 70% of After Repair Value (ARV).

*Guarantor must have documented ownership in qualifying deals for experience.

**Qualifying deals of experience are defined as:  ownership interest in residential properties currently owned that were renovated within last 36 months and/or residential properties renovated and sold within the last 36 months.

Interest Rate Range:

Interest rates range from 10% to 12%, interest only monthly payments.

Property Types

Residential includes:  single family, 2-4 units, condo’s and townhomes.


Term Of Loan

9 month term.  Optional 3 month extension available.


Days To Close

Approximately 15 business days after receipt of all required docs (pending receipt of title work, insurance and appraisal)


Property Appraisal

Property appraisal is required.  No As-Is value requirement.  Funding based on After Repair Value only.

Loan Origination Fee:

– Loan origination fee: 3.99% of total loan amount


Other Lender Relates Cost:

– Underwriting Fee:  $1,000.00

– Admin Fee:  $695.00

– Processing fee: $499.00


Prepayment Penalty

No prepayment penalty.

Required Documents For Underwriting Approval

– Copy of most recent tax return as proof that taxes are being filed.  NOT FOR INCOME DOCUMENTATION.

– Copy of last 2 months bank statements

– Copy of fully executed purchase agreement

– Clear and legible copy of government issued ID (all members of business entity)

– Copy Of IRS EIN Letter for business entity

– Copy of Articles of Organization for LLC or Incorporation for a Corporation (if applicable)

– Copy of Operating Agreement for LLC or Corporate Charter/Bylaws for Corporation

– Completed loan application (Form Provided)

– Real Estate Owned/Experience Spreadsheet (Template Provided)

– Renovation construction budget spreadsheet (Template Provided)